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Dialogue Programs

Students and others sit in a circle as they participate in one of UC San Diego's dialogue programs (Center for Student Involvement - Communication & Leadership)CSI's dialogue programs are open to current UC San Diego undergraduate students, graduate students, and campus partners.

Dialogue topics

  • CSI-Communication & Leadership and additional CSI staff members provide quarterly dialogue programs throughout the school year to engage in civil and meaningful discussions to learn about various perspectives on a range of topics. Participate in a workshop in two ways:

    • Campus Conversations, open to all UCSD students
    • Request a workshop or workshop series

Dialogue programs offered

Fall 2021 Campus Conversations

In collaboration with the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), Tritons Together: Campus Conversations offers community building dialogue circles for the UC San Diego community.

A team of student Dialogue Ambassadors co-facilitate Circle Dialogues, known as community building circles. Co-facilitators provide a structured environment to generate dialogue among participants on a specific topic. Circle Dialogues foster open and supportive spaces for people to talk about differences, develop empathy and enhance perspectives.

For this quarter, Dialogue Ambassadors will be facilitating virtual community building circles. Click each session to register:



To register, you will register using WCOnline. This program is part of iLead, the drop-in leadership and communication workshop program. Instructions on creating and registering for dialogue circles are as follows:

  1. Register online at
    1. Complete a one-time registration  
    2. Once you complete your one-time WC Online registration login.
    3. Browse through the iLead calendar for the iLead workshop you are interested in.
    4. To register for an iLead workshop click on the workshop block to reserve your space/appointment.
    5. Fill out the required fields and click CREATE APPOINTMENT.
    6. Make sure the appointment date and time are correct, if you select a time that is incorrect it will not save your appointment.
    7. Take note of the "location" which will be an iLead workshop Zoom link shown on the confirmation page as well as hyperlinked in the workshop description box.
    8. Do not use the WC Online Zoom link


 Wednesday, October 20; 2-3:20pm - Defining and Building Community for Transfer Students

This interactive workshop will explore “community” through dialogue. Being a part of a community—oftentimes referred to a feeling of belonging—impacts the student experience.


This dialogue will focus on transfer students and the transfer student experience. All current and prospective students, and UC San Diego staff, and faculty are invited to dialogue, chat, and explore “what is community, how is community defined, and what is my responsibility to co-creating community?” The dialogue will be most impactful with a broad population of participants, including non-transfer students.


By participating in dialogue, we can create transformative change for a more inclusive and empowering University for all.


Monday, Nov. 1; 1-2:30pm  - Academic Diaspora: Moving and Immigrating to study at UC San Diego

This interactive workshop will explore the "academic diaspora" as students, scholars, and researchers move and immigrate to UC San Diego. This understanding of experiences of mobility, displacement, and relocation will occur through dialogue.

By participating in dialogue, we can create transformative change for a more inclusive and empowering University for all.


Monday, Nov. 8; 3-4:30pm - (Re)Defining Masculinity

This interactive workshop will explore masculinity as participants engage in dialogue about gender expression. All genders are welcome to dialogue about the ways in which gender and gender expression are mediated through personal, familial, societal, and cultural norms and expectations. Participants will explore how assumptions and expectations of masculinity impact individual and community well-being. 


By participating in dialogue, we can create transformative change for a more inclusive and empowering University for all.


Wednesday, Nov. 17; 3-4:30pm - COVID: Reintegrating and healing as a community

This interactive workshop will engage in how individually and collectively how we (re)integrate and heal our community because of the pandemic and COVID . All community members--student, staff, faculty--are invited to dialogue about their experiences and how COVID has shaped their life. The space invites participants to share their perspectives and to remain open to the experiences of others as we collectively reintegrate in-person and remotely for a stronger and more unified community at UC San Diego. 


By participating in dialogue, we can create transformative change for a more inclusive and empowering University for all.


Monday, Nov. 22; 3-4:30pm - Equanimity: Mental health and school-work-life balance

This interactive workshop will explore school-work-life balance and its impact on mental health. Participants will dialogue on how competing demands impact mental health and ways they have managed these demands in their personal life. 


By participating in dialogue, we can create transformative change for a more inclusive and empowering University for all.

Interfaith Dialogues

Join us for an interfaith dialogue as we discuss our lived experiences and spiritual journeys. Come prepared to learn from others, ask questions, and honor our shared humanity. Open to all faith and non-faith backgrounds. 

Climate Circles

Climate circles tap into the collective wisdom to identify and provide actionable solutions. Request a climate circle for any issue that your group would like to explore together. Examples include: membership fallout from going virtual, racial justice issues, group culture, power differences, etc. 

These circles are different from Restorative Justice circles in that they do not attempt to repair harm that an individual or group of people have made. Instead, these circles explore the groups’ interpersonal strengths and challenges in order to better understand how to navigate situations in the future. 

Student Dialogue Ambassador Bios


alan vu dialogue ambassador profile picHey y'all! My name is Alan and I am a third year mechanical engineering student at Warren. I'm originally from Bakersfield, CA then moved to Orange County, before coming to UC San Diego. In my free time, I'm a big foodie and enjoy dancing and lifting to burn off the calories ;D. Having only spent 1.5 quarters in San Diego I am still trying to explore the city more for good food. Other than that I'm either hanging out with friends or at Geisel working on homework. I joined the dialogue program because of its unique opportunity to gain very different perspectives from our UC San Diego community and overall just to meet great new people and have some amazing discussions! Nice to meet you all :)

Jingran Xu

Hi y’all! My name is Jingran (but feel free to call me J!) and I am a fourth year Revelle student working towards a Cognitive Science - Machine Learning and Linguistics Double Major. I was born in Canton, but moved to LA when I was 8, and lived there until I moved to SD three years ago for college. I enjoy watching horror movies, anime, tv shows, and documentaries in my spare time. I’m almost always listening to music, no matter where I am. I love making and eating food but I dislike washing the dishes. As a dialogue ambassador, I love hearing the stories of people attending our circles, and bringing them to an understanding of each other’s perspectives.

Nathan Fang

I’m Nathan, a second year general biology major at UC San Diego. I’m from Orange, which is some 90 minutes north of UC San Diego, and I derive much pleasure from playing guitar, mountain biking, and spending time with friends in my spare time. I also love meeting new people and making new friends! I joined the dialogue program because I was interested in having a job that would allow me to hear the interesting and unique stories of the diverse student body at UC San Diego. I felt that this job might be a richer experience than other jobs I could do, as well as a new challenge, as I have never done something like this before.

Noah Berlandier

Hi! My name is Noah Berlandier, I am a second year Clinical Psychology major, minoring in Cognitive Science. My academic interests include disability, autism/ADHD, and mental illness. My general interests include fitness, art, and advocacy. I am a queer French-American child of immigrants, and a second-language English speaker-- so I have an intimate knowledge of what it’s like to feel like an outsider. I use my experiences to help other people navigate through the world and advocate for both themselves and others. I’m a Dialogue Ambassador because I believe it’s important to create a safe and inclusive environment to have important conversations around subject of community, equity, and growth.

Vanessa Nguyen

Howdy! My name is Vanessa Nguyen, and I am a fourth year Human Development & Education Sciences double major from Eleanor Roosevelt College. I was born and raised in San Jose, California. Coming to San Diego, I love the sunsets, the new friends, and the lessons I’ve learned here. In my free time, I like taking naps and playing with my Nintendo Switch. As a Dialogue Ambassador, I love bringing the UC San Diego community together for an opportunity to express gratitude, restore any harm, and learn from one another.

William Kessinger

william dialogue ambassador profile picHello! My name is William Kessinger, and I am a third year Dance & Political Science double major from Thurgood Marshall College. I am originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I have lived there my whole life until coming to San Diego. I love to read and write, explore new parts of San Diego, dancing and performance in general, as well as finding some great places to eat around town. I am a dialogue ambassador because I believe in the power of restorative justice and having conducive conversations about difficult topics. Together we can talk about the world’s issues and respect one another!

Request a dialogue

Looking for ways to increase connection during virtual times? Dialogue Ambassadors will work with you to facilitate one or more conversations that create community, friendships, and new ideas. Student facilitators are available at no cost to student organizations, departments, and student groups.

Please submit your request using the following Google Form.

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