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Register or Re-Register Your Student Organization


Important dates and deadlines:

  • 2020 - 2021 Student Organization Registration will open August 24th. Please check back for updates!
  • Returning organizations must renew their registration each academic year to be valid.

Complete the student org registration process:


  • Start your student organization registration by selecting one Principal Member to initiate the online registration process for your student organization.

  • The Principal Member who starts the student organization registration will also be listed as the President/Chair in the student organization registration portal.

    • To change the Principal Member listed as the President/Chair, email your CSI Student Organization Advisor to complete the change for you.


  • Enroll in a Tritons Together – ART of Inclusive Communication workshop which is a 3-hour, in-class workshop
  • The workshop is required for all undergraduate student Principal Members to complete

  • Graduate student Principal Members are NOT required to take the workshop

  • If you previously completed the workshop, you do not need to take it again, even if the requirement was completed for a different student organization


Complete the following steps in the student organization registration portal to register or re-register your student organization:

  • Student Organization Category

    • Determine the purpose of your student organization and select a student organization category
    • Some student organization categories have additional registration requirements that could include:
      • Specific affiliations, acquiring a Community Advisor, turning in rosters, waivers, and insurance forms, and other documents or special requirements
    • To change your Student Organization Category, email your CSI Student Organization Advisor to complete the change for you
  • Principal Members

    • The Principal Member who started the student organization registration will also send the email invitations via the registration portal to the other Principal Members
    • Select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 currently registered and enrolled UC San Diego students to be your fellow Principal Members
    • Send the Principal Member invite to their UC San Diego email address
    • Each Principal Member must:
      • Complete the online CSI Registration Quiz
      • Electronically sign the Principal Member agreement
      • Attend the ART of Inclusive Communication workshop
  • Constitution

    • Upload your student organization’s current constitution
    • Ensure your constitution includes all the required sections and language which is outlined in the Constitutional Guidelines document 
  • Community Advisor

    • A Community Advisor is required for the following Student Organization Categories:
      • Academic Department Affiliated
      • Health Profession
      • Interfraternity Council (IFC)
      • Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
      • Panhellenic Association (PHC)
      • Pre-Professional
    • Community Advisors are encouraged for all student organization categories
    • Community Advisors must review the Community Advisor Resources Training and complete and return the Community Advisor Signature Page to the CSI office

Note: Any of the following may change your organization's status from "current" to "pending":

  • The number of principal members falls below the required minimum of 3.
  • A new constitution has been uploaded.


Review the steps to have a currently registered student organization:

  • All student organization information is entered, and your constitution is uploaded

  • All Principal Members have accepted their email invitations and entered all required information online

  • All Principal Members have taken the registration quiz, electronically signed the Principal Member Agreement, and attended the ART of Inclusive Communication workshop

  • Your Community Advisor signature page has been turned in to the CSI Office (if applicable)

  • All required rosters, evidence of insurance, and additional forms have been submitted (if applicable)

  • You receive a confirmation e-mail from your CSI Student Organization Advisor indicating that your student organization has received “current” status

Learn the benefits of registering your student org


  • Professional event-planning assistance
  • Student organization advisors who can talk with you about goal setting, strategic planning, problem solving, and opportunities for organizational and personal growth
  • Drop-in advising


  • Access to facilities for student organization tabling, meetings, and events
  • Access to the Associated Students and Center for Student Involvement poster-making room
  • A chance to apply for office space in the University Centers


  • Eligible to request university funding for events and activities
  • Eligible to host student org fundraisers
  • Fund managers to oversee your on-campus student organization accounts


Other resources

Graduate student organizations

Questions? Contact the Center for Student Involvement, (858) 534-0501.