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About the Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement facilitates rich opportunities for learning, community building, and engagement outside the classroom.


Through engagement in student organizations, campus wide events, Greek Life, communication and leadership programs, and community service initiatives, students will find a place of belonging and personal growth, and will become experienced citizens and leaders.


Principles of Service

Welcoming environment

  • We strive to go the extra mile in every interaction with students by providing friendly, knowledgeable, personalized and helpful customer service.
  • The Center for Student Involvement listens, analyzes, and attempts to answer each question with a sense of importance, care, and the goal to resolve it.
  • We provide assistance in an equitable, efficient, and organized way.
  • We strive to make transactions as simple and user-friendly as possible while making the most of opportunities for significant interaction.

Sense of community

  • The Center strives to engage every student in diverse, meaningful, and fun campus and community experiences.
  • We serve to increase the sense of community and affiliation of students with all UCSD communities (undergraduate, graduate, staff, faculty, and community advisors) through advising, programming, campuswide events, community advisor opportunities, and cross-campus partnerships.
  • Through community service opportunities, we strive to promote active lifelong citizens with the desire, experience, compassion, and skills to tackle complex social issues.
  • The Center for Student Involvement staff members model the Principles of Community in daily interaction.

Student development focus

  • Every interaction and program will be geared toward enhancing students' personal, interpersonal, leadership, and citizenship development.
  • Through the quality of our daily interactions and leadership and service programming, we strive to develop well-rounded, highly functioning, and well-equipped students.

Team atmosphere

  • Center for Student Involvement staff members are accepted as members of a family, each with their individual contributions, helping to reflect the diversity of thought, styles, and goals of our customers.
  • We will work collaboratively to achieve a welcoming environment, sense of community, and student development focus.

Children's Online Privacy Protection

We are in compliance with the requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).