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CSI Staff Contacts

Price Center East building, location of Center for Student Involvement and One Stop offices, UC San Diego campus

To schedule an appointment with an advisor, call (858) 534-7666 or contact the One Stop Desk in person (Price Center East, Level 3 — see campus map).



  • Center for Student Involvement

    Center for Student Involvement

    Phone (858) 534-0501

    We are located at Price Center East, 3rd Level

    Mailing Address:
    9500 Gilman Drive, #0078
    La Jolla, CA 92093-0078

  • Emily Marx Trask

    Emily Marx Trask

    Executive Director
    (858) 822-0004

  • Mandy Gallegos

    Office & Project Coordinator
    (858) 534-0501

Communication & Leadership

  • Frida Alvear

    Frida Alvear

    Associate Director, Communication & Leadership and Community Service
    (858) 822-2090
  • Katy Brecht

    Katy Brecht

    Program Coordinator
    (858) 822-0181
  • Roberto Ramos

    Interim Program Coordinator
    (858) 822-1356

Community Service

Greek Life

  • Oscar Lara

    Oscar Lara

    MGC Fraternities & Panhellenic
    Greek Life Advisor
    (858) 534-1585
  • Chloe Leal

    Chloe Leal

    Interfraternity & MGC Sororities
    Greek Life Advisor
    (858) 534-0496

Student Organizations Advising

  • Ann Hawthorne

    Associate Director, Student Organizations Advising & Events
    (858) 534-1585
  • Jenny Kressel

    Jenny Kressel

    Educational, Health Professions, Media, Political, Pre-Professional
    Student Org Advisor
    (858) 534-0789

  • Kristen Disbro Berg

    Kristen Disbro Berg

    Academic Department Affiliated, Dance,
    Music & Performance, Social, and Spiritual
    Student Org Advisor & Vendor Fair and Promotions Coordinator
    (858) 534-1577

  • Kylin Copthorne

    Kylin Copthorne

    Interim Program Coordinator & Advisor
    (858) 822-3641

Student Life Business Office: Fund Managers

Visit the Student Life Business Office website for information on your organization's fund manager.