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iLead: Leadership My Way

ilead workshop ilead workshop ilead workshopiLead workshop 

About iLead

iLead is a drop-in workshop program open to all UC San Diego students. We offer a new schedule of workshops every quarter where students have the flexibility to choose sessions on topics that align with their interests and availability. Our workshops are facilitated by the Communication & Leadership team and various staff from different departments across campus. Some workshop topics include: identity formation, social justice, interpersonal relations, professionalism, mindfulness, and communication. 

By completing the iLead Program, you can earn a leadership certificate and Co-Curricular Record validation. 

LEADER: 6 stamps = Leadership Certificate

LEADERSHIP: 10 stamps + reflection = CCR Validation 



For Spring 2024 Quarter only

  • iLead Orientation will occur during Week 3  
  • Workshops will be hosted between Weeks 4 – 8
  • All workshops include interactive content and activities
  • We offer both in-person and virtual workshops



Spring 2024

iLead Spring 2024

Check out our workshop schedule for this quarter! We are offering 20 workshops to choose from. Start your leadership journey today! 

Workshop Schedule

How to participate

  • Register by completing the 2023-2024 iLead Program Registration form.
    • Sign in using your UCSD student email address.
    • Registered iLead participants will be added to our weekly e-newsletter listserv and receive the most updated information as workshops may be subject to change.
  • Registered iLead participants' emails will be added to our weekly e-newsletter listserv. Visit the iLead Schedule of Workshops to view the current schedule of workshops!
    • Register via Zoom for virtual workshops.
    • In-person workshops are first come, first serve.
  • Attend  iLead workshops and earn stamps
    • Earn six (6) stamps to spell L-E-A-D-E-R for a certificate. 
    • Earn ten (10) stamps to spell L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P and receive validation on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) and a certificate.
    • All participants are required to attend ONE iLead Orientation workshop during the academic year. 

Completing the program (due May 31, 2024)

Leadership Certificate 

  1. If you have earned six (6) stamps and your workshop attendance has been verified, a C&L team member will notify you of your completion of the program.
  2. The C&L will email you your leadership certificate. Leadership certificates will be provided on a quarterly basis.

Co-Curricular Validation 

  1. If you have earned ten (10) stamps, you are eligible to receive CCR validation, please log-in to to activate your Co-Curricular Record.

  2. Complete the  2023-2024 iLead Program Reflection form and share your experience and growth within the program.
    • Reflections will be reviewed on or before the end of the quarter.

  3. Once your completion materials have been reviewed and your workshop attendance has been verified, a C&L team member will notify you of your completion of the program. 
    •  CCR validation will be provided at the end of Spring Quarter


Q: Are iLead workshops virtual or in person?

A: iLead offers in-person and virtual workshops. For in person workshops, the location is listed on the schedule and flyers. For virtual workshops, you will need to register to receive the Zoom link. Registration links are included on the schedule and flyers.


Q: Do I need to attend all of the iLead workshops to complete the program?

A: No. You can attend any session that aligns with your interests and schedule.


Q:  Can I roll-over any stamps from the last academic year to this academic year? 

A: No. Unfortunately, iLead is a one academic year-long program. For example, Fall 2022 to Spring 2023.


Q: Do I need to track my workshop attendance and stamps?

A: A: No. Our team tracks your attendance. Sign in with our team at the start of each workshop to ensure you receive a digital stamp. Students must stay for the duration of the workshop to receive a stamp.


Q: Why do some workshops on the schedule say "join" and others say "register?" 

A: Some of the iLead workshops are hosted by other departments, so you will just join without needing to register through us. There will be a C&L team member to introduce the workshop as part of our iLead program and will keep track of the attendance of participants.


Q: What if I attended an iLead workshop and did not receive a digital stamp?

A: Please email our team at and inform us you are missing a stamp. Be sure to include the workshop details such as event name, date, and time.

Questions? Please email Thank you!