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Student Staff Contact List

Meet the student staff of the Center for Student Involvement.

Office & Program Coordinator Student Assistant

  • Crystel Chen (she/her/hers)

    Crystel Chen (she/her/hers)

    Crystal is currently a junior majoring in Communication and Econ-Math at UC San Diego. She grew up in Guangzhou, China, and went to the U.S. in 2021 to pursue her bachelor’s degree. As an international student, she wants to help other international students be more engaged at UC San Diego and enjoy different events on campus. She focuses on the marketing strategies for ISPO and tries to let more students know the unique campus resources for international students. At the same time, she likes to communicate with students from different cultural backgrounds and learn about different cultures. She is also passionate in building connections among students. In her free time, she usually dances, reads books, and hangs out with friends.

Student Organizations Student Assistant

  • Kate Meschuk (she/they/he)

    Kate Meschuk (she/they/he)

    Kate is a history major at UC San Diego who enjoys writing, reading, and listening to podcasts in her free time. At UCSD, they love working with theatre-based student orgs and pretending to study with friends at Geisel. A spot she would recommend on campus is the eighth floor of the Social Sciences Building, it has the best view of the sunset over the ocean!

Community Service Student Assistant

  • Sahil Gathe (he/him/his)

    Sahil Gathe (he/him/his)

    I am a second year UCSD computer science student. Although I am studying computer science I have a great passion for community service and have been working with community service organizations since my freshman year of high school. In addition to my love of community service I am also a graphic designer and at the CSI I put all my interests together to uplift the community with and around UCSD.

Communication and Leadership Student Assistants

  • Nicole Sison

    Nicole Sison

    I was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii! In my free time I like to try new restaurants with my friends, and my favorite thing to do in San Diego is watch the sunset at Gliderport!
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    Shrina Patel

    My hometown is Los Angeles. In my free time, I like spending time indoors watching TV or going out with my friends to try new food places. I especially love sushi!
  • Geovaunii White (he/him)

    Geovaunii White (he/him)

    Hello my name is Geovaunii but you can call me Geo. I’m currently a 3rd year cognitive science major with a focus in design and interaction; I also have a minor in communication. My hometown is Moreno Valley, a city right beside Riverside, but my new home is in Desert Hot Springs (30 minutes east of Palm Springs). I enjoy skateboarding, working out, exploring new music and reading, whenever I have some downtime. Some of my favorite spots in San Diego are definitely food related. I love going to various taco spots like Tacos el Gordo and Taco Stand. Moreover, I enjoy going to all the participating in all the events San Diego has to offer like concerts, thrift pop ups or simply relaxing at the park.

    I enjoy being here at UCSD because it feels like it’s been one of the best environments to nurture my growth and maturity into a version of myself that I’m proud of. I cherish all my friends that I’ve made throughout my time here and the experiences that have spurred from meeting them. I cannot help but feel that this was the right choice for me and that it is was meant to be, I’m very thankful for it all.

Sorority & Fraternity Student Assistant

  • Emely Hernandez (She/Her/Ella)

    Emely Hernandez (She/Her/Ella)

    I'm a current 4th year studying Development Psychology with a minor in Human Developmental Science. I'm from Compton, CA. I enjoy reading, watching movies/shows, and hanging out with my chihuahua. I recommend UCSD because it is so close to the beach so you can have a relaxing day there if needed and it is a pretty big campus so it's fun to explore. My favorite spots in San Diego is obviously the beaches but I also love exploring different touristy areas.

SILC (Student Involvement Leadership Consultants)

  • profile placeholder image

    Keisla Ancheta

  • Aracely Diaz (she/they)

    Aracely Diaz (she/they)

    As a San Diego Native, I love the beach and enjoy outdoor activities that involve being in the sun and having fun, from beach volleyball to lovely hikes around San Diego. In addition, I love attending concerts and enjoying music when I am not studying or working.
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    Chloe Garcia

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    Melody Gonzalez

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    Archishma Kavalipati

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    Asha Krishna

  • Zihua (Casey) Ma (she/her/hers)

    Zihua (Casey) Ma (she/her/hers)

    Meet our fun-loving friend, a bright spark of energy, always ready for a good laugh and adventure. She hails from the bustling city of Guangzhou, a place where the streets are lined with vibrant markets and delicious food stalls. Growing up, she developed a love for exploring her city and trying new things, from indulging in street food to discovering hidden gems off the beaten track. When she's not out exploring, you'll find her hitting the gym, staying active and healthy. When it came time to choose a university, UCSD was the clear choice for her. With its beautiful campus, diverse community, and top-ranked programs, it was the perfect fit for her. And the Business Psychology major was a natural choice, allowing her to combine her love of psychology and business to pursue a career that would make a real impact. As for her favorite San Diego spots, Sunset Cliffs is at the top of the list. There's nothing quite like watching the sun dip below the horizon from the stunning cliffs overlooking the ocean. It's the perfect way to unwind after a busy week, and a reminder of just how lucky she is to live in such a beautiful place.
  • Bin (Matt) Wang (he/him/his)

    Bin (Matt) Wang (he/him/his)

    I came from a small city on the southeast coast of China called Wenzhou, and my favorite place to stay in UCSD while there's no class would be an open desk because the space is much larger than the Geisel Library and they were equipped with high-speed Ethernet!
  • Minh Tuan Nguyen (he/him)

    Minh Tuan Nguyen (he/him)

    My hometown is Saigon During my free time, I like to cook, read books, walk under the sunset, and watch movies. My favorite San Diego spot is La Jolla Cove.
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    Ana Vargas

  • Ziyi Zhang (she/her/hers)

    Ziyi Zhang (she/her/hers)

    I am an international student from China. My fav spot at San Diego is Gliderport. In my free time, I love doing photography of all kinds and digging music from independent bands.