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Community Performance

We welcome all potential new members and community partners to review our community achievements and overall performance. Sororities and fraternities have high expectations and requirements that not only align with the SFL values but also with their specific fraternal values. We strive to continue growing the membership experience into a holistic development opportunity for all members in our community. 

Performance Reports

Community Grade Reports

Student Organization Conduct Cases

The Office of Student Conduct, in collaboration with the Center for Student Involvement and Sorority & Fraternity Life (SFL), works on cases regarding non-academic conduct by Student Organizations. A list of conduct cases resolved in the last five years and their disciplinary status can be found on their website. This information is provided to further educate students and parents to make informed decisions when pursuing ways to get involved on campus.


Current Student Organization Case Status Summaries


Sorority & Fraternity Life provides new member education, leadership training, hazing awareness and prevention seminars, alcohol and drug health awareness and risk mitigation education to support students joining the SFL community. One concerning trend is the development of unrecognized Greek-lettered organizations that seek out members of our student community without the educational and accountability activities provided by the institution. Joining an unrecognized sorority or fraternity may pose an increased risk as they are not upheld to the same organizational accountability standards. Students, SFL members, and registered student organizations are encouraged to not engage with de-registered and unrecognized organizations. Those with concerns about any organization’s activities, recognized or unrecognized, should contact the Sorority & Fraternity Life Office.