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Planning Your Student Org Event with TAP

What is TAP?

TAP stands for Triton Activity Planner. 

The TAP is an online event planning system for on-campus student organization events. It provides a central location where facility reservations, funding, technical services, contracts, and other event logistics are entered, processed, and approved. TAP is only used for on-campus student organization sponsored events. Off-campus events are not connected to TAP or approved by CSI advisors.

Review the resources below to plan and enter your student organization’s event using TAP. You can also click here to learn more about TAP requirements and deadlines. 


Only virtual events utilizing University Funding (AS Funding, SPACES funding, Parents Funds) need to be TAP'd.

  • Virtual Events Using University Funding
    • Must be TAP’d 21 days prior to the event.
    • Once you begin TAP, please select “Virtual Event” under the “Event Category".

Who can submit a TAP for an event?

Students listed as principal members of registered student organizations may submit a TAP:

  • Review the TAP checklist below to make sure you know what orders/ reservations you may need to make before you use TAP.

  • Then use the online Triton Activities Planner (TAP) to plan and enter your event.

When do I need to TAP?

All on-campus events (with the exception of simple meetings, simple dance rehearsals and information-only tables) require a TAP submission. 

Simple Meeting: defined as a closed meeting for student organization members with no food, funding, speakers, games, initiation, film, or other activities.

What Steps Does My Student Organization Need to Take to Plan and Get Approval for an On-Campus Event or Meeting?

All aspects of student organization events are coordinated and approved via the Triton Activities Planner.

What Guidance Should be Followed for Off-Campus Events?

All off-campus private events hosted by Registered Student Organizations must follow local and county guidelines.These events do not require a TAP.

TAP deadlines

  • A TAP must be started no less than 21 calendar days prior to an event. 
  • A confirmed venue must be added to TAP no less than 21 days prior to an event. 
  • The TAP system will not allow you to start a TAP less than 21 days prior to your event date. 
  • The 21 day deadline is a strict deadline and is needed in order for the appropriate approvals to be routed, services confirmed, orders to be placed, contracts signed, funds to be reconciled, etc.

                                        Navigating TAP

TAP checklist

Use the checklist below to find out what orders/ reservations you may need to make BEFORE you use TAP. Make sure you record all reservation/ confirmation numbers you receive with your orders.

Funding sources and procedures

Location of your event

Find out how to reserve a facility. Record your confirmation/ reservation info to enter in TAP.

Technical requirements

Read about Tech, Sound, and Setup. Record your confirmation/ reservation info to enter in TAP.

Food and beverages (including alcohol)

Marketing, publicity, and posting

Find resources and links for where and how to publicize your event.

Carnival games, inflatables, etc.

All student organizations are required to use the university payment processes on TAP when ordering carnival games, inflatables, amusements and dunk tanks. This provides additional liability protections to student organizations and the University.

Use the Approved Other Vendor List.

Entertainment/ performance agreements

  • Performance Agreements are required for all performers (speakers, band, DJ, dance group, etc.), paid OR unpaid, who are NOT current UC students, staff, or faculty.
  • Any speakers who are current UC students, staff, or faculty (this includes all UC campuses) are not required to have a performance agreement. 
  • Alumni are required to complete a Performance Agreement unless they are a current UC staff or faculty member.

Use the Contract Information Worksheet (PDF) to gather information to be used and entered into TAP.

Note: The Student Life Business Office cannot process payments to UC employees.

Security and safety

Some events require licensed security guards. To determine the number of guards required, consult with a facility manager, event production staff, or student organization advisor about your event logistics. See Security and Safety at Student Events.

Insurance and liability waivers

The University of California has purchased an insurance program to cover Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) for most on-campus events. The university pays for the coverage, but RSOs are still responsible for making sure their on-campus event is registered with the insurance carrier.

While in the process of submitting your event to TAP, you will visit the insurance website and determine if your event information must be submitted to the insurance company, and whether or not your event participants must sign individual event liability waivers. See details at Required Insurance and Liability Waivers.

In addition to event insurance, a current Certificate of Liability Insurance is required of all off-campus catering vendors, in addition to other vendors as specified by the University. See details at Required Insurance and Liability Waivers.

Showing films and videos

Start planning early for film or video screenings.

In order for student organizations to show films and shows outside of an academic classroom setting, Public Performance Rights (PPR) are needed.  You can learn more about this policy and how to obtain rights here .

In general, any time a film or show is ‘displayed at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of persons outside of a normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is gathered,’ (Title 17, U.S. Code) you will need to secure PPR rights.

PPRs can be obtained by contacting the copyright holder and purchasing them or receiving written permission from the copyright holder that you may show the film. It’s important to note that PPRs can cost upwards of $500.

 Contact your student organization advisor for more information.

Event sponsors

Consider having two or more organizations or departments sponsor your program and share the cost and responsibilities. 

Recommended statement for events with event sponsors:

The following statement is recommended to be verbally stated at an event and included on any advertisement (i.e. flyers, websites, or public communication) when an event is sponsored by on- or off-campus entities:

"The views expressed at these events do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsors or of the University of California, San Diego. As a public institution of higher education, UCSD supports and protects the free expression of a variety of ideas and perspectives, which is vital to a learning community."


To obtain a quote for special events parking, refer to How to Arrange Parking for Campus Visitors and Guests or visit the office located in the Hopkins Parking Structure. When using the website to place your order with TAP funds, enter 'for TAP' in the index # field.

You need to enter your parking order in TAP at least 14 or more days prior to the event.

Triton Print & Digital Media

Triton Print & Digital Media is an on-campus print and document service that can be used for:

  • Flyers
  • Programs
  • Posters and Banners

See Printing and Duplication Services.

Fundraising events/ raffles for outside charities

Read about Fundraising Events for Outside Charities if you plan to hold a raffle and/or use the event as a fundraiser for a charity.

Ticket sales

  • Check with facility/ venue contact to determine the venue capacity before  starting your ticket sales.
  • Depending on the type of event, venue and capacity, ticket takers may be required to be hired. Your CSI advisor can assist you with more information. 
  • Remember that AS will not fund events that charge admission fees. Please read the AS Funding Guide for more information.


In order for vendor items to be paid for, you MUST provide:


After you submit your TAP, your advisor may contact you to set up a meeting. Reach out to your advisor to schedule an appointment if you need help.

contact an advisor

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