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Join Sorority and Fraternity Life at UC San Diego



UC San Diego’s Sorority & Fraternity Life is a unique and rewarding experience that fully captures and encompasses all aspects of a complete college experience. Whether you are looking to connect with other like minded peers, further your leadership skills, or give back to the community, there is a place for you in our community. 

All organizations belong to one of the governing councils (Interfraternity, Multicultural, National Pan-Hellenic, and Panhellenic) that allows for self governance and peer to peer accountability. While each council is unique, they are part of the greater SFL community and constantly collaborate to support the membership experience.  Learn more about our councils by visiting their page.

Our Values

In collaboration with student leaders and the University staff, there has been a transition for more conversations focused on personal  and organizational values that drive the student experience in Sorority & Fraternity Life at UC San Diego. This provided the opportunity for staff to be intentional in building a foundation that is student driven to create values that motivate their community. 

Through various focus groups, such as general membership, student leaders, and council leaders, students were able to have critical conversations and participate in activities that allowed for deep reflection in understanding where they want to see their community move forward. These 5 values were influenced and created by students to enact positive change within the sorority and fraternity experience. 

  • Character Development

    • Dedication to individual development and living in alignment with authentic
      values that are reflective of organizational purpose, personal integrity, and
      accountability. Personal growth through involvement in critical dialogue,
      leadership opportunities, and general membership.

  • Lifelong Friendships

    • Development of meaningful relationships through the ideals of sisterhood,
      brotherhood, and siblinghood that foster lifelong commitment.

  • Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

    • Commitment to active practices that celebrate and promote inclusion and
      representation of diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and identities.

  • Academic Excellence

    • Scholastic achievement through the maintenance of high academic standards,
      research, internships, and professional development opportunities.

  • Community Responsibility

    • Promoting the wellbeing and safety of all members through shared
      responsibility, risk management, and accountability. Active citizenship as change
      agents through service and philanthropy that benefit the local and global society.

Our Purpose

Sororities & fraternities have existed for over 200 years and continue to evolve in purpose and mission to meet the needs of students in higher education. At UC San Diego, members of our community are held to high standards and are committed to  a holistic and healthy membership experience. 

We strive to:

  • Further the academic mission of UC San Diego by holding each member to high academic standards, providing resources for academic support, and recognition of scholastic achievements.

  • Focus on values and ethics integration through membership development in leadership, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and health education programs.

  • Serve the community through direct service and promote awareness and financial support for beneficiaries through initiatives, programs, and philanthropies.

  • Develop a support system for members through sisterhood and brotherhood programs.

  • Actively engage as student leaders on-campus and maintain strong ties with graduated members.

  • Promote a sense of community through coordinated chapter interaction, an increased understanding of organizational development through self-governance, and accountability to mutually agreed-upon standards. 

  • Celebrate, educate, and develop a community for students seeking cultural and identity-based involvement opportunities.

Signature Community Events

  • SFL Summerfest

    • This annual event brings together our community to welcome all incoming and returning students with free games, food, and entertainment. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about our organizations in a fun and fair-like atmosphere. 

  • Sorority & Fraternity Leaders Conference

    • This fall leadership conference is led by the three council presidents and aims at providing leadership development to the general community members. Campus partners are invited for breakout sessions and along with a keynote speaker. In the past three years the keynote speakers have covered sexual assault, consent, and diversity. 

  • SFL-Giving

    • SFL-giving is service event between the three councils, in conjunction with the Homeless Charter student organization. Students who attend can bring your bread, peanut butter, and jelly to be able to make sandwiches to donate to local homeless shelters. In addition, there is a clothing drive to donate clothes to the homeless shelters.

  • SFL Retreat

    • Annual winter quarter retreat for council leaders, presidents, and officers that focuses on community building, leadership development, and diversity education. This program is traditionally spearheaded by the graduate assistant and takes a different format every year. 

  • SFL Awards

    • Serves as a community wide program planned by leaders of the councils to recognize the sororities and fraternities for their accomplishments as values-based organizations. Sororities and fraternities as groups and individual members are recognized for their outstanding work in Academic Excellence, Leadership Development, Community Service, Philanthropic Efforts, and Commitment to Community. 

  • SFL Week

    • This week is a spring event series through a collaboration between the three councils that focuses on supporting a new beneficiary every year. Chapters are paired with chapters across councils to participate in events throughout the week with only minimal competition aspects as the event is geared more towards community building and philanthropy.

  • SFL Pride

    • This community wide event focuses on celebrating members that identify with the LGBTQIA+ community! Each year, this week-long event takes on a different form to further inclusion and visibility within the community while also focusing on educational components.