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The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)  at UC San Diego was founded in 2002 by five culturally based organizations with the purpose of standing united as one strong voice dedicated to representing our diverse interests and values. Currently, the council is composed of seventeen cultural and identity-based organizations. Our organizations were founded to bring underrepresented and underserved populations together as a community to celebrate our cultures, identities, and lived experiences. Our organizations also participate in philanthropic efforts and community service projects to help give back to the greater San Diego community.


From the MGC President:

The Multicultural Greek Council is home to a unique collection of voices – each with our own histories and experiences, but with similar core values that allow us to celebrate and explore our diverse cultures. Many of us joined our respective organizations because we felt culturally alienated coming to an institution like UC San Diego, but we have all been able to find a little slice of home within our groups. Our sororities and fraternities are identity based, but we always emphasize that we are not exclusive to those identities – there is room for everyone in MGC! 

I am very proud to be part of this council. I have seen many people grow and develop into thoughtful leaders not just within their chapters, but in many different organizations on and off campus. For me, the beauty of MGC is that it allows me to push myself and build my skills in a safe environment, where I know I can rely on my chapter to support me as I do for them. I can definitely say that thanks to my chapter and MGC, I have grown as a leader, a scholar, and a friend. 

I hope one of our chapters can be a home away from home for you too! 

- Leilani Ortega, Multicultural Greek Council President

Leilani - MGC President(Leilani Ortega, MGC President & Member of Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority)

MGC Sororities

  • Alpha Gamma Alpha

  • Chi Delta Theta

  • Kappa Zeta Phi

  • Lambda Theta Alpha

  • Lambda Theta Nu

  • Phi Lambda Rho

  • Sigma Alpha Zeta

  • Sigma Omicron Pi

  • Sigma Pi Alpha

MGC Fraternities

  • Alpha Epsilon Omega

  • Delta Lambda Phi

  • Gamma Zeta Alpha

  • Lambda Theta Phi

  • Nu Alpha Kappa

  • Phi Iota Alpha

  • Pi Alpha Phi

  • Psi Chi Omega


Find more information on MGC's student supported external website.