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Financial Processes for Student Organizations



Registered student organizations have multiple options to secure funding for their events. 


Questions for the Student Life Business Office? Contact your Fund Manager.


How to Get Reimbursed for Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Before submitting a reimbursement request, visit the Student Life Business Office's (SLBO) page to review reimbursement guidelines and receipt requirements.

Recharge Forms for UCSD Bookstore and Imprints Expenses

Principal members, find out how to use recharge forms at the UCSD Bookstore and Imprints. For more information about events and operating funds, visit the Printing for Events and Operating Funds page on the SLBO site.

Withdraw & Deposit Funds

All registered student organizations have an on-campus account within the SLBO where deposits, department funding, gifts and donations are housed. These funds are managed by the SLBO Fund Managers and can only be used for on-campus events. Visit the SLBO site to learn how to withdraw and deposit funds, make deposits for TAP events, department sponsored funding requirements, gift and donation guidelines, and tax ID numbers.

Travel Expenses

Principal members, visit the SLBO website to learn about the reimbursement process for travel expenses.

Off-Campus Vendors

Check out SLBO's page for details about making payments to off-campus vendors.

Funding Resources

Learn about funds available to support your group's events and activities, and see eligibility requirements.

Off Campus Bank Accounts

Follow these guidelines to prevent mismanagement of off-campus bank accounts for student organizations.


CSI advisors are available to help student organizations virtually! Reach out to your advisor to schedule an appointment.

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