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Register or Re-Register Your Student Organization

Important dates and deadlines:

  • 2021 - 2022 Student Organization Registration will open August 16 and will close May 13, 2022.
  • Returning organizations must renew their registration each academic year to be valid.


Complete the student org registration process:


  • Start your student organization registration by selecting one Principal Member to initiate the online registration process for your student organization.

  • The Principal Member who starts the student organization registration will also be listed as the President/Chair in the student organization registration portal.

    • To change the Principal Member listed as the President/Chair, email your CSI Student Organization Advisor to complete the change for you.


  • Enroll in a Tritons Together – ART of Inclusive Communication , a three-hour workshop. Workshops will be offered both virtually and in-person. Please check the calendar carefully to note which workshops are held in person.
  • The workshop is required for all undergraduate student Principal Members to complete

  • Graduate student Principal Members are NOT required to take the workshop

  • If you previously completed the workshop, you do not need to take it again, even if the requirement was completed for a different student organization


Complete the following steps in the student organization registration portal to register or re-register your student organization:

  • Student Organization Category

    • Determine the purpose of your student organization and select a student organization category
    • Some student organization categories have additional registration requirements that could include:
      • Specific affiliations, acquiring a Community Advisor, turning in rosters, waivers, and insurance forms, and other documents or special requirements
    • To change your Student Organization Category, email your CSI Student Organization Advisor to complete the change for you
  • Principal Members

    • The Principal Member who started the student organization registration will also send the email invitations via the registration portal to the other Principal Members
    • Select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 currently registered and enrolled UC San Diego students to be your fellow Principal Members
    • Send the Principal Member invite to their UC San Diego email address
    • Each Principal Member must:
      • Complete the online CSI Registration Quiz
      • Electronically sign the Principal Member agreement
      • Attend the ART of Inclusive Communication workshop
  • Constitution

    • Upload your student organization’s current constitution
    • Ensure your constitution includes all required sections and language which is outlined in the Constitutional Guidelines document. Otherwise, this will delay your approval process.
  • Community Advisor

    • Community Advisors are not required for ALL student organizations but are highly encouraged.
    • The following Student Organization Categories DO require a Community Advisor.
      • Academic Department Affiliated
      • Health Profession
      • Interfraternity Council (IFC)
      • Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
      • Panhellenic Association (PHC)
      • Pre-Professional
    • Your CSI Advisor is different from a Community Advisor. A Community Advisor is a UC San Diego staff or faculty OR a member of the San Diego community that can attend general body meetings, events and provide support/resources.
    • Community Advisors are encouraged for all student organization categories
    • Community Advisors must review the Community Advisor Resources Training and complete the Community Advisor Signature Page. Please find the organization you advise in order to sign the Signature Page. If you do not find their name, they have not registered their organization for this academic year.

Note: Any of the following may change your organization's status from "current" to "pending":

  • The number of principal members falls below the required minimum of 3.
  • A new constitution has been uploaded.


Review the steps to have a currently registered student organization:

  • All student organization information is entered, and your constitution is uploaded

  • All Principal Members have accepted their email invitations and entered all required information online

  • All Principal Members have taken the registration quiz, electronically signed the Principal Member Agreement, and attended the ART of Inclusive Communication workshop

  • Your Community Advisor signature page has been submitted electronically

  • All required rosters, evidence of insurance, and additional forms have been submitted (if applicable)

  • You receive a confirmation e-mail from your CSI Student Organization Advisor indicating that your student organization has received “current” status

Learn the benefits of registering your student org


  • Professional event-planning assistance
  • Student organization advisors who can talk with you about goal setting, strategic planning, problem solving, and opportunities for organizational and personal growth
  • Drop-in advising


  • Access to facilities for student organization tabling, meetings, and events
  • Access to the Associated Students and Center for Student Involvement poster-making room
  • A chance to apply for office space in the University Centers


  • Eligible to request university funding for events and activities
  • Eligible to host student org fundraisers
  • Fund managers to oversee your on-campus student organization accounts


Other resources

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CSI advisors are available to help student organizations virtually! Reach out to your advisor to schedule an appointment.

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Student Organization Drop-In Advising will resume Fall 2021.

Visit the Virtual One Stop Desk to access Virtual Student organization Drop-In Advising.

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