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Student Organization Mail, Offices and Websites

Note: Due to COVID-19 and physical distancing measures, student organizations may not have access to mailboxes, office space, or other physical resources during Fall Quarter 2020.

All student organizations normally have individual mailboxes on Level 3 of Price Center East. UCAB is responsible for allocating space to registered student organizations. Websites and email accounts are a service of UCSD's Educational Technology Services (ETS).


Format for on-campus mail:

  • Organization name, MC 0078

Format for off-campus mail:

  • Organization name, MC 0078
    University of California, San Diego
    9500 Gilman Drive
    La Jolla, CA 92093-0078

Mailbox use:

  • Mailbox spaces for new registered student organizations are assigned as space permits.
  • Center for Student Involvement mailboxes are for inter-campus and U.S. first and third class mail. Valuable materials and packages, registered letters, and any other mail that requires a signature should not be sent to the Center for Student Involvement mailboxes and instead should be mailed to the home of a selected principal member.
  • Mailboxes are unlocked and unprotected. The Center for Student Involvement assumes no responsibility once mail is placed in the box.
  • Large packages will be placed in the large compartment directly underneath your mailbox.
  • Check your mailbox frequently (at least once a week). Important announcements from the Center for Student Involvement, the Associated Students Office, and other campus departments will be placed in your mailbox. Organizations that don't check their boxes regularly may lose mailbox privileges. Mail that is not picked up regularly may be returned to the sender or discarded at the discretion of the person distributing the mail.

Office and storage space


Office and storage spaces are normally available in Price Center and the Student Center.

Types of spaces available

  • Lockable offices (Price Center and Student Centers): Most of the office space is shared, with 2 or more organizations per office
  • Lateral storage units (rectangular file cabinets, 16" x 36", Price Center only)

How to apply

To apply for space or to renew an application, new and current student organizations must have a principal member fill out the UCAB Application for Space.

UCAB assigns spaces during spring quarter for the following academic year. Check the UCAB website for a list of assigned spaces. Any unallocated space, or any space that becomes available during the academic year, will be allocated by a rank-ordered waiting list, or if there is no such list, space will be assigned on a first come, first-served basis.

Student organizations exempted from the space application process:

  • Associated Students
  • Academic Success Program
  • Che Cafe
  • Food Co-op
  • The General Store
  • Graduate Student Association
  • Groundwork Bookstore
  • The Guardian
  • Interfraternity Council
  • Multicultural Greek Council
  • Panhellenic Association
  • SAAC

Email & websites

Any student organization officially registered with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) at UC San Diego may open an ETS computer account. These accounts are available to promote communication between members of the organization and to help publicize the organization's events.

Read more about managing student organization accounts and setting up a student org website.

Account expiration

Student organization accounts are set to expire on November 1st every school year. Be sure to re-register your student organization before November 1st and request your email and website renewal through the student organization portal. This is an annual process in addition to registering your student organization each year.


CSI advisors are available to help student organizations virtually! Reach out to your advisor to schedule an appointment.

contact an advisor

CSI: Student Orgs & Events

Have a Student Organization Related Question and Need a Quick Answer? 
Your student organization advisors & the SILCs are here to help!

CSI Student Organization AdvisorsCSI Logo

Drop-in Advising Weeks 1-10 Each Quarter 

Virtual Advising - Zoom Room for virtual advising: (Meeting ID: 975 1996 7026)

  • Mondays 9am-12pm (virtual)
  • Tuesdays 1-4pm (in-person)*
  • Wednesdays 1pm-4pm (virtual)
  • Thursdays 1pm-4pm (virtual)
  • Fridays 9am-12pm (virtual)

*Tuesdays are the only in-person advising day

In-Person Advising* - Check-in at the CSI Front Desk, Price Center East, level 3 (map

  • Tuesdays 1-4pm

*Green thumb on UCSD symptom screener needed

Visit the CSI Front Desk:

Price Center East, level 3 (map) | (858) 534-7666 | 

Virtual Assistance from SILCs

Zoom Room for virtual advising: (Meeting ID: 975 1996 7026)

  • Dates & times coming soon

In-Person Assistance from SILCs*

Located on Price Center East, level 3 (map) | (858) 534-7666

  • Dates & times coming soon

Interested in making a reservation for a University Centers space? Check out their website for more information: University Centers Reservations

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