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Fundraising Events for Outside Charities

Before you submit your event on TAP, read all about holding fundraisers for outside charities and the documents you might need.

Required: An official letter

First, get a letter from the charity you have chosen on official letterhead. The letter must include:

  • The charity's taxpayer ID number
  • The charity's confirmation of your organization's intent to raise money for it

Note: The use of funds being raised must be defined and consistent with the stated purpose of the sponsoring organization.

You must turn in a fundraising Income Report (PDF) to your advisor or to Student Life Business Operations within 14 days of your fundraising event.

Charitable raffles

Student organizations may conduct raffles if:

Co-sponsoring events

If the charity is co-sponsoring the fundraiser, your organization must be responsible for coordinating logistics and "running" the event. Your organization is the event's campus sponsor. Otherwise, you must submit a Promoter's Agreement. Your advisor can help you with this.

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