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High Profile Student Organization Programs

A high profile student organization program or event is one which has the potential to generate opposition, such as a protest, that may disrupt the program and present the need for arrangements to ensure the program occurs without disruption and, if needed, arrangements to protect university property and the safety of the presenter and attendees.

Read through Free Speech: How to Express Your Message if You Disagree.

Follow these guidelines when you're presenting a high profile program:

  • Meet with your student organizations advisor at least three weeks in advance to discuss the following:

    • Type and length of presentation

    • Whether to hold a question-and-answer session, and for how long

    • Role of sponsor in conducting program

    • Security needed in the event of disruption

    • Consequences of holding the event

  • Program presenters are highly encouraged to announce the responsibilities and expectations of the sponsor, guests, and university officials at the beginning of the program.

    • Provide opportunity for those who don't agree with the format to leave before the presentation begins.

    • Publicity should also include relevant information about the potentially controversial nature of the program.

  • A demarcated area may be needed to ensure audience and speaker safety.

  • Report promptly to university officials any behavior that disrupts or obstructs the presentation, or if an audience member enters the speaker area without the speaker's or moderator's permission.

  • Read about free speech and appropriate ways for audience members to protest or express disagreement.

  • Be sure to comply with all applicable university policies as well as local, state, and federal regulations.


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