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Service and Learning Trips

Each trip incorporates 8 components of a quality alternative break, which include Strong Direct Service, Orientation, Education, Training, Reflection, Reorientation, Diversity, and Full Engagement.

Alternative Breaks is a year long program where participants meet weekly to learn about their trip’s social justice issue and the community they are working with, discuss logistics, engage in training and reflection activities, and coordinate fundraising.

AB at Home

CSI LogoAre you interested in getting involved with service from the comfort of your own home?

Alternative Breaks has the project for you. In collaboration with St. Paul’s Senior Services we have started a project to create cards for seniors experiencing isolation.

Check out our website for more details and learn how you can get involved today!


AB Weekends

abweekendsIn the AB Weekends series, we will look at four factors that greatly contribute to population health: Relationships, Nutrition, Education, and Environment.

Students will have the opportunity to join a team of like-minded individuals ready to learn, serve, and address these pressing social justice issues.

Each of the weekends will combine education from subject matter experts, direct service, and a chance to create lasting change through innovations and collaboration.


AB Education

abeducationWashington DC • Spring Break • $1000 UC

San Diego students will spend spring break learning about the social justice issue of access to education and serving the DC community by working at a local school.

Working with a UC San Diego alum teacher at Turner Elementary School in Washington DC, students will prepare educational lessons and host activities to inspire and encourage students to attend college.

Students will develop a long-term relationship with the Turner Elementary School students through a pen pal exchange, with the goal of the UC San Diego student serving as a long term mentor for college inspiration.


AB Civic Engagement

civicengagementWashington DC • Spring Break • $350

Join us in Washington, D.C. for an education and service-learning experience focused on civic engagement! Represent the University of California San Diego by lobbying California's congresspeople in support of the DREAM Act and immerse yourself in the world of policy, advocacy, and social justice.

Engage with issues relevant to the 2020 election and learn how using your voice can impact tangible change.


AB Public Health

publichealthBali, Indonesia • Summer Break • $3000

A cohort of UC San Diego students will learn the multifaceted perspectives of medicine through visits to non-governmental organizations that promote alternative methods to western medicine.

Throughout the trip, students will look at the social issues of access to care and the importance of religion and tourism in the Balinese culture. For the first week of the trip, students will assist with administering preventative health check-ups to the local community with medical students from Bali. The students will also have an opportunity to deliver health education workshops about exercise, nutrition, and hygiene to local youth in the second week of service. Sample schedule could be viewed here.https://



AB Sustainability

sustainabilityHolar, Iceland • Summer Break • $3000

A delegation of UC San Diego students will participate in an educational service-learning trip to Iceland (a community experiencing the impacts of climate change today) and culminate in conservation and climate change education and outreach.

Students will work closely with Dr. Carolyn Kurle of UC San Diego Biological Sciences department and partners at Holar University College in Iceland. The trip is designed to promote awareness of global climate change, invasive species, and other conservation biology topics, and create a strong connection to the natural world via field trips exploring multiple ecosystems.


AB Homes for the Homeless

New York, NY • Summer Break • $900

UC San Diego students will work preparing a summer camp at Harriman State Park for children who live in New York City’s homeless family shelter systems. This project is a partnership with Homes for the Homeless, which runs 4 homeless shelters in New York. Their mission is to create lasting solutions for families by developing practical skills such as financial literacy and job readiness for parents while enriching the lives of children through educational programs, youth development, and fun recreational activities.


AB School Reform

Mumbai, India • Summer Break • $4500 T

raveling with a UC San Diego Education Studies Faculty Member and graduate student, UC San Diego students will spend 3.5 weeks working with The Akanksha Foundation. The purpose of the trip is to support the development of innovative, sustainable, and scalable long-term structures within the education system. Sample projects could include evaluation of the role of social workers in ensuring educational access and school completion among the students, with special consideration of rural, female and Dalit students, the role of parent engagement in student attendance (drop-out/retention) and the role of interventions like R&R and Free Play or Circle Time in holistic growth and development of students, including mental and emotional health.