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Why Join Alternative Breaks?

Find out what students have experienced, learned, and gained from their engagement in alternative breaks! 

What do you value most about AB?

“I experienced so much personal growth in a span of 12 days through connecting with my peers on the trip and building friendships with them as well as through connecting to the Balinese community, people, and culture...This was an experience I am so grateful for and will never forget.”

 -Hannah, ‘22 Human Developmental Sciences and Psychology, AB Public Health participant

What is the most eye opening thing you learned from AB?

“The most eye opening thing I learned from AB was the issue of voluntourism. I've never heard of the term before until AB showed me how many volunteer programs and international trips operate under the guise of providing ‘meaningful service’.”

-Michelle, ‘22 Human Biology, AB Public Health participant

How have you lived differently since being part of AB?

“I have become more caring, empathetic, and aware of things around me after AB. The social justice component makes me understand the privileges we all have and the perspectives we should learn and unlearn.”

-Riley, ‘19 Nanoengineering, AB Education Site Leader

How has AB benefited you personally or professionally?

“AB overall gave me more confidence in my leadership skills as well as interacting with and meeting different people. The connections I have made through AB make me excited to see what other participants will accomplish in the future and the differences they will make in the world.”

-Karina, ‘20 Environmental Systems: Ecology, Behavior, Evolution, AB Education Site Leader and Sustainability participant

Our Trips

  • AB Public Health
  • AB Sustainability
  • AB Disaster Relief
  • AB Voting Equity and Access
  • AB Body and Reproductive Justice 
  • AB Weekends